Workforce Resources and Guidance

For UCSF workforce members, the Privacy Office offers a number of resources and guidance documents. If you are a UCSF workforce member, and you have questions not covered by these materials, please feel free to contact the Privacy Office by phone at 415-353-2750 or email (which can be found in UCSF’s Global Directory).

General Privacy Resources

Privacy Resource Description
UCSF Privacy and Confidentiality Handbook This handbook contains detailed information about applicable privacy laws and regulations, as well as the policies UCSF has created to comply with those laws. The handbook also explains what UCSF workforce members need to do in order to be compliant with those laws, regulations, and policies.
UCSF Confidentiality Statement New UCSF workforce members are required to sign the UCSF Confidentiality Statement. This statement explains the responsibilities the signor has in relation to UCSF’s confidential information and electronic devices used for UCSF business.
Privacy Policies and Procedures For a list of UCOP, UCSF and UCSF Medical Center privacy-related policies and procedures click here.
Privacy Beat Newsletter The Privacy Office publishes the “Privacy Beat”, a periodic newsletter that discusses the most recent developments in privacy law, offers tips on ensuring you are protecting information privacy, and provides updates on UCSF’s actions in the privacy area. Be sure to read it carefully!
Online Privacy and Security Training Modules

The Privacy Office has published a number of privacy-related training modules that you can access anytime through the UC Learning Center. Among these are the Bi-Annual Privacy and Security Briefing and the HIPAA 101 Training modules. A full list can be found on the Education & Training page.

Survival Tips The Privacy Office has developed two useful brochures which condenses a lot of useful information into one simple tri-fold brochure. We recommend you print out the brochure most relevant to you and keep it nearby for easy reference.
Data Privacy Awareness Posters The Privacy Office has developed posters to promote data privacy and security best practices. These are useful to post in your departments to increase awareness and promote privacy and security compliance.

Topic-Specific Resources and Guidance

Topic Description
APeX Security Feature: Break the Glass (BTG)

UCSF is committed to protecting the privacy of its patients in accordance with federal and state laws and University policy. Although all records in APeX (UCSF Health's electronic medical record system) are secure, private, and equally respected, UCSF patients and employees who have special concerns may request "Break The Glass" (BTG) for their APeX record. BTG is an added layer of protection to a patient's record. When BTG is placed on a patient's record, APeX users outside the patient's admitting and attending providers, primary care providers or treatment team members will be presented with a BTG warning before they can access clinical information. The APeX user will be required to enter their business reason for accessing the record and re-enter their password before gaining access. UCSF employees may obtain additional information by reviewing BTG guidance documents on the UCSF APeX Knowledge Bank. 

UCSF Health patients may call (415) 353-1488 to request BTG for their APeX record.

Release of Information
Social Media
Regulatory Changes
Protecting Privacy
Contracts (e.g., Business Associate Agreements, Data Use Agreements)