Privacy and Security Training

Privacy and Security Training Checklist: UCSF Staff Employees & Postdocs

UCSF employees, both on campus and at the Medical Center, are required to sign the UCSF Confidentiality Statement and complete privacy and security training.

  For Staff/Postdocs
Action Required UCSF Medical Center UCSF Campus
Confidentiality Statement Signature
UCSF Confidentiality Statement
  • Obtained by HR at the time of new hire process
  • Filed in individual's personnel record
UCSF Privacy and Confidentiality Handbook Review
UCSF Privacy & Confidentiality Handbook
  • Distributed at time of new hire process
  • New hire instructed to review handbook
Privacy and Security Training HIPAA 101 included as part of Mandatory New Employee Orientation

Role-based training completed via the UC Learning Center (employee ID required to login):

  • For healthcare providers: Advanced HIPAA Healthcare Provider Module
  • For those responsible for the management of PHI: Advanced HIPAA PHI Management Module
  • For those involved in communications, marketing, media relations, and/or public affairs: Advanced HIPAA Communications and Public Relations Module
  • Involved in fundraising or alumni relations: HIPAA 101 – New Workforce Orientation and Advanced HIPAA for Fundraising Module
  • For all other roles: HIPAA 101 – New Workforce Orientation

To complete the training, visit the UC Learning Center and search for the appropriate module(s).

Ongoing Privacy and Security Training Workforce members may be required to complete ongoing Privacy and Security training. 
Note for individuals who need access to clinical systems: Additional training and approval may be required for specific UCSF clinical systems, such as APeX. Contact the system owners and department managers for any additional requirements.