Privacy and Security Training

Privacy and Security Training Checklist: UCSF Staff Employees & Postdocs

UCSF employees, both on campus and at the Medical Center, are required to sign the UCSF Confidentiality Statement and complete privacy and security training.

  For Staff/Postdocs
Action Required UCSF Medical Center UCSF Campus
Confidentiality Statement Signature
UCSF Confidentiality Statement
  • Obtained by HR at the time of new hire process
  • Filed in individual's personnel record
UCSF Privacy and Confidentiality Handbook Review
UCSF Privacy & Confidentiality Handbook
  • Distributed at time of new hire process
  • New hire instructed to review handbook
Privacy and Security Training HIPAA 101 included as part of Mandatory New Employee Orientation

Role-based training completed via the UC Learning Center (employee ID required to login):

  • For healthcare providers: Advanced HIPAA Healthcare Provider Module
  • For those responsible for the management of PHI: Advanced HIPAA PHI Management Module
  • For those involved in communications, marketing, media relations, and/or public affairs: Advanced HIPAA Communications and Public Relations Module
  • Involved in fundraising or alumni relations: HIPAA 101 – New Workforce Orientation and Advanced HIPAA for Fundraising Module
  • For all other roles: HIPAA 101 – New Workforce Orientation

To complete the training, visit the UC Learning Center and search for the appropriate module(s).

Bi-Annual Privacy and Security Briefing Privacy and security briefing training is assigned and completed via UC Learning Center on a bi-annual basis. To locate the training module, search for “privacy and security briefing” in the UC Learning Center.
Note for individuals who need access to clinical systems: Additional training and approval may be required for specific UCSF clinical systems, such as APeX. Contact the system owners and department managers for any additional requirements.